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6 Tips On How To Create The Perfect Infographic

It’s a fact that there is more information at our fingertips than ever before and people are consuming more and more content everyday, however, fewer people are actually taking the time out to read that content.

Roughly 38% of people who click on an article or blog post online don’t go past the headline and of those who remain reading; only 5% read just the first paragraph.

This is where infographics come in. Through the use of visual communication and data visualisation, you could get major attention just by using infographics. Well, this used to be the case. Now everyone is using them which you why you need to up your game and create the perfect infographic.

Choose your target audience

A lot of people make the mistake of creating a general infographic that isn’t specifically relevant to their audience. Make it personal to your audience, not necessarily the whole world.

Tell a story

You can’t just put all your stats and figures beautifully arranged onto a page and call it an infographic, you need to create a story to go with it and all great stories start with a beginning, middle and end so in this case, start with the problem or thesis, back it up with data and end your infographic with a conclusion.

Qualify for the “graphic”

The clue is in the title, you need to have a good balance of “info” and “graphic” and many seem to lack in the latter. Visual information is just as important as written information when it comes to infographics so make sure you have a decent spread of visual elements when trying to get your marketing message across.

Keep it simple and focused

Don’t make your infographic complex and overwhelming for your audience, you want them to easily soak up the information you’re showing them and doing this is a lot easier when your infographic is simple yet still effective. You should also keep it all focused on one topic. Don’t cram everything you know about different subjects into one infographic, stick to one topic and this will help keeping it simple.

Make it the right size

For ease of reading and looking at an infographic in general, they’re supposed to be big but if you go too big, you’ll start losing viewers. Make your infographic too long and your audience will soon get fed up scrolling down and will ultimately click off. We recommend a limit length of 8,000 pixels and a file size of 1.5 MB.

Create a standout headline

The same as it is with any article or blog post, your headline is the first thing your audience is going to see, so make it good. Make it short and sweet, powerful and eye-catching. People aren’t going to look at your perfect infographic if your headline is a dud.

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