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Ad Of The Month April – Apple’s ‘Don’t Mess With Mother’

It’s that time of the month again we’re we bring to you what is our ad of the month for April.

If you haven’t seen out ad of the month for March, you can check it out here but what we looked at was International Women’s Day and how Budweiser changed their old sexist campaigns and changed them to a more appropriate theme by today’s standards.

That’s enough about the previous month’s, you’re here for our April aotm, and…well… what a hard decision it’s been this month. Not because there’s not been enough ads to choose from, far from it! We just have too many to choose from. But we have to be professional and continue doing a good job for you!

So, after some deliberation, we finally came to an agreement on what is April’s ad of the month, which is the new Apple advert called Don’t Mess With Mother.

If you haven’t seen this advert yet, it’s a collection of videos, which have been shot on an iPhone which shows the true beauty that mother nature herself showers us with. In the beginning, the music sets the tone of the advert and shows how gentle and calming nature can be. However, halfway through it changes and shows how ferocious she can be as well, which is why Apple implies that you should never mess with mother nature.

You can see this gorgeous yet fierce ad here:


It really shows how lucky we are to have such a beautiful collection of animals and nature in the world we live in.

It’s such a simple yet elegant video that portrays a great message, and with the iPhone camera been the main focus, how incredibly detailed the camera on the iPhone XS is.

All of the shots used couldn’t have been a better indicator of how impressive the camera on the phone is.

It’s a fantastic ad and a great way to show of mother earth and all that she has to offer whilst providing us with an insight as to how great this phone is.


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