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Ad Of The Month February: The Elevator Super Bowl Commercial by Hyundai

Welcome back to the ad of the month where we talk about the most interesting or most talked about ad this month.

If you haven’t seen our previous ad of the month for January then you should check it out, it was all about the brand-new Gillette advert and the new stance they’re taking.

Now this month, well we’ve been spoilt rotten with ads thanks to Super Bowl 53 occurring at the beginning, so we’ve had to go through a lot more ads than usual this month. But that’s not a problem though, because we love doing it!

It lets us look at the good and the bad and finally decide on one that is worthy of our ad of the month.

Our ad of the month for February is The Elevator Super Bowl Commercial by Hyundai.

It was a tough one, but we thought that this one stood out from the rest of the Super Bowl ads.

It starts off straight out the bat with a well-known celebrity, Jason Bateman as a Lift Attendant who asks everyone who enters the lift where they would like to go.

The further the elevator goes down, the worse the experience gets, first stop is a root canal, next it’s jury duty and so on, until he finally takes the couple who are interested in buying a car to the typical car shopping floor, until they mention they’re buying a Hyundai through shopper assurance.


Hyundai has managed to take their slot at the Super Bowl and really make the most of it with the ad receiving over 36 million views on YouTube alone. They’ve created an ad that’s funny and is easy to understand that shopping for Hyundai vehicles is a much better experience than general car shopping. It almost has a premium feel to it.

Hyundai is trying to make it obvious to the viewer that it’s much easier buying a Hyundai through shopper assurance than going to a car dealer because they offer a number of perks which makes them completely different from everyone else.

Not only that, but adding Jason Bateman into the mix as well who is making the odd humorous remark after every elevator stop, just makes the ad appear much more light-hearted than it could potentially come across.

You can watch the ad below:


If they didn’t add that element in, it would have come across as an “oh look how good car shopping is with us rather than everyone else”, but instead adding that element of humour and light-heartedness ultimately turned it into an easily watchable and memorable ad.

All we can say is a huge congrats to Hyundai for, in our opinion creating the most memorable Super Bowl ad for 2019. There’s a lot of competition throughout the Super Bowl and being able to stand out from the rest is a big achievement!

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