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Ad Of The Month May – Burger King ‘Clown Free Birthday’

It’s that time of the month again where we examine with a fine toothpick some of the ads that the month has to offer for us.

If you haven’t seen our previous month’s ad of the month, then you can check it out here.

The previous month’s ad was about Apple and their ‘Don’t Mess With Mother’ ad which looked at mother earth and how calm yet ferocious she is. Really is an interesting ad and is definitely worth checking out.

However, you’re here for the May ad – and well we’ve been spoilt as usual. We had a big argument in the office over which of the final two we limited it down to was going to be our ad of the month, to the point where our deciding vote was our Managing Director!

So I’m pleased to say that out ad of the month for May is Burger King’s ‘Clown Free Birthday’ Ads.

We’ve chosen Burger King quite a few times to be our ad of the month, but there’s a good reason behind it, their marketing team are absolutely killing it. they’re doing incredibly well. More recently, they have been really putting it to their competitor McDonald’s and they continue to do so in their recent flurry of ads, which we think are hilarious.

Burger King in it’s newest ad is looking to hit McDonald’s again by using the international fear of clowns.

All of the ads they’ve done are absolutely hilarious and really take the mic out of McDonald’s and their ‘fun’ clown, Ronald McDonald.

You can find all of the ads below:

As you can see they all play on the fact that clowns don’t provide fun with the little caption under each “Birthday’s should be happy, come to Burger King and book a clown-free party.”

This campaign joked about how “5 out of 5 people are terrified of clowns, and whilst the reality isn’t bad for the Bozo and Krusty crowd, it’s still pretty dramatic.”

Whoever is currently doing the marketing for Burger King, they’re doing a fantastic job. So congratulations on winning another ad of the month!

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