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What Can Game Of Thrones Teach Us About Of Copywriting?

Game of Thrones is the hot topic of the week as Season 7 started on Monday 17th July. Don’t worry, we won’t be posting any spoilers for those who haven’t seen it.

What we have noticed at WAM however, is just how well-chosen some of the words used in Game of Thrones are and what they can teach us about the art of copywriting and marketing in general.

We refer to, in particular, some of the quotes used by characters and what they can teach us. Be it a one liner or a string of words put together in a brilliantly constructed response. Some of the quotes are put together in different styles, tone and execution for specific characters that we simply had to share our thoughts on them – or is that the fan in us talking?

‘A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.’ – Tyrion Lannister

In a brilliant quote, Tyrion shows here how wise he really is. It makes sense that to improve your reading (and writing) ability you should keep your head buried in books, learning new words and sentence structures to add to your vocabulary. A sword needs to be kept sharp to be effective and the mind works in the same way. Reading and learning new words is the equivalent of sharpening your sword, getting ready for battle (writing).

‘There are no men like me. Only me.’ – Jaime Lannister

Confidence. Sheer confidence; or is it arrogance? In terms of copywriting, only you write the way you write. While you may write about the same topics as others, get research from the same place, no one will be able to replicate the content you deliver. Your copywriting is unique and while there may be others like you be confident in your style.

‘Hodor.’ – Hodor

The kind-hearted giant Hodor gives us a great lesson in copywriting with his sole word throughout the series; repetition is boring. While Hodor never bored us with his lines (how could he?) we must remember that duplicating content can easily be missed and getting someone else to proof your work can effortlessly spot this mistake. There are so many different words you can use in copywriting – get discovering them!

 ‘Shall we begin?’ – Daenerys Targaryen

Said in the final scene in the first episode of Series 7 by Daenerys; after having sailed over to Dragonstone, walked into the Chamber of the Painted Table and gazing down at the carved table-map she says, so innocently to Tyrion ‘Shall we begin?’. It’s a simple line but copywriters take note – you have to begin somewhere. You have to start. You have to put pen to paper or hand to keyboard.

“Each bruise is a lesson. Each lesson makes us better.” – Syrio Forel

Syrio, the forgotten master swordsman teaches us to remember that as copywriters, we will fail. You may produce poor copy but it’s all a learning curve and we have to start somewhere. Remember that those who failed often and looked the most foolish once upon a time are among today’s greatest writers. Failure is the greatest gift as we continue to grow and learn from our mistakes.

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