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Copywriting: A Marketer’s Greatest Tool

One of the most important aspects of any marketing or advertising campaign is copywriting. A website can be beautiful, it can perfectly highlight your company’s brand but without the correct wording to go alongside, what is its purpose? Copywriting is a skill and should never be underestimated but it can also be a passion for anyone who considers themselves ‘a wordsmith’.

A person who enjoys copywriting often refers to themselves in the third person as ‘a wordsmith’: a skilled user of words – like a blacksmith, but with letters instead of metal. Sounds cool, right?

Copywriting is, in short, writing text for a specific purpose to increase awareness and ultimately persuade. This act of persuasion could be anything from getting someone to visit a website, contact a business or register for something like an event or a newsletter. The end result of copywriting, ultimately, is to get the reader to purchase something.

One of the easiest ways to spot the difference in how copywriting is used is to look at a print advert and then look at an advert on a website for the same product. There will be thousands of examples available and as you look, you’ll notice how they differ in a number of ways. The print one has limited space, limited word count and has to be eye-catching, to the point and have an obvious call to action. Online, however, you can go into more detail, elaborate on the product and give the reader more information before buying. The reason for this is because you have more real estate to work with when online, and can present information in a much more interactive and engaging way.

One of the more advanced skills in copywriting is to get your message across in a short, well-written concise piece of copy. Anyone can baffle on about a product given 1,000 words but it’s a skill and talent worthy of praise to get the same message across in just 100. Poet Philip Larkin said, “it’s about getting the right words in the right order” and he couldn’t be any more right.

All the while, a consistent ‘tone of voice’ through your copywriting has to be a factor in which your product, brand and audience are targeted. Getting this right is vital; if you don’t your potential customers will become confused and unsure of your exact offering which will lead to loss of business.

Words are highly influential if used correctly in the right place at the right time. A well-written advert will change your advert from being boring to compelling, off-putting to persuasive and will give your brand more meaning and respect. Don’t underestimate the power of words.

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