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How To Get Past Writers Block

We’ve all been there. When you need to get a blog post out there but you simply can’t think of anything to write. When you’re posting three to five times a week, you can sometimes ‘hit the wall’ and inspiration can seem limited.

In this blog we’ll go through ways you can get your cogs turning when you’re struggling to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

Subscribe to other blogs
Other bloggers content is very useful when you’re looking for inspiration for your next post. Subscribe to your favourite bloggers and influential blogs by email, that way inspiration will be delivered straight to your inbox. This way you will also stay on top of the latest trends and see what your competition is up to, however, don’t just copy other peoples content.

Ask your followers
Head over to Facebook or Twitter and find out from your followers what they would like to read about. Not only will you get some great ideas for content, this way you’ll know you will have people waiting to read it.

Get some guest bloggers
Speak to some fellow bloggers and ask them to contribute to your blog. They’ll bring new material, new readers and it will help you get your name out there by talking to a range of different writers.

Change your scenery
When you’re sat at your desk for hours, trying furiously to come up with a great blog idea, you’re more than likely not going to spark anything. Instead of staring at the same thing, switch your scenery and go for a walk somewhere. Refresh your mind and find some inspiration.

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