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Judith started WAM in 2001 and her passion and enthusiasm is what has enabled the company to grow and thrive! She heads up the team and keeps everyone fuelled and motivated to keep moving forward.

I started out my career as a hairdresser and when I was just 19, I opened my first salon which later increased to two salons and a butchers shop that I rented out to my uncle.  I absolutely loved meeting new people and getting to be social all day, but after a few long term bouts of ill health, I was, unfortunately, having difficulty being on my feet all day.  So instead I decided to teach hairdressing which I did for a number of years.

Part of my role was the marketing and PR for the hairdressing and beauty therapy department. I decided I really loved this aspect of my job so I decided to retrain in marketing. I studied two evenings a week and I did all my Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications. I then decided to pursue marketing full time and I got a job in the marketing department of a Further Education College in Leeds. I quickly realised that marketing was my passion and before long I had worked my way up to being the Associate Director of the college.

I loved what I did, but I found the environment quite toxic at times and a colleague mentioned in passing that I should work for myself, and it was like a giant light bulb went off in my head. All of a sudden that was all I could think about and I literally handed my notice in the next day without having any plan for what I would do, I just knew I couldn’t be there any longer and it was time to branch out on my own!

For the first three years I worked from my dining room at home, building my brand and gaining new clients. Once I outgrew my dining room I got an office in a mill near my home. I remember looking around the big space on the morning I moved in thinking this is either going to be very lonely place or I need to have a team to work with me. When I took on my first member of staff it was a very exciting day. In 2016 we moved to larger premises at Croft Myl in Halifax which offered us a better working environment and more space to grow. As I write this we are still experiencing growth and welcoming new members to our team. Watch this space for further updates!