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Althams Travel, Halifax

In the United Kingdom, concerns about the future of the high street are ever-present, with online sales now accounting for 21.5 percent of the country’s total retail sales.

With this in mind, towards the end of 2017, Althams General Sales Manager Marie Leach contacted Wright Angle Marketing and invited the team to submit a creative pitch to the company directors. Our brief was to bring the windows to life with key messages targeting the passing trade of existing and potential new customers.

Competition on the high street has never been as fierce with statistics showing the number of retail travel shops in the UK is 4324 (2016-2018). Althams Travel Services has 32 branches in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Humberside and was recently awarded ‘Best Large Agency’ in the North West England & North Wales Agent Achievement Awards 2018 – an award they have won nine times in the last 12 years.

Marie said, “There was no denying that the window graphics at our Halifax branch were in need of some attention and due to the size of them we needed a company that could create and produce imagery and displays to bring the branch to life! We are delighted with the results – these graphics look really great and they definitely shout holidays!!”

Clever Marketing and Design by WAM. Print & install by Briggs Priestley.

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1st October 2018