Direct Data Systems

Direct Data Systems

As we all know, technology moves so quickly and keeping abreast of new developments is key to remaining at the forefront of your chosen industry. Likewise, it’s also important to ensure that your customers can find you and your website.

In April 2015, Google Search announced to the world that they were expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change affected mobile searches worldwide and had a significant impact on Google Search results. It meant that mobile users could easily find relevant, high-quality search results optimised for their devices on the go.

Prior to this change, most if not all websites weren’t mobile-friendly, which meant that companies were in danger of missing out on a high percentage of traffic from mobile devices and missed business opportunities.

Earlier this year, Direct Data Systems (DDS) (one of our existing clients), asked us to create a new mobile-friendly website to bring their online presence up to date.

Our brief was to create a new website that maintained the established DDS brand but to simplify the existing text so it was future-proof as technology and ranges moved on. DDS founder and managing director Paul Corrie was keen for us to portray a more ‘suit and tie’ approach, whilst retaining the existing logo and colour ways but with a dynamic graphic styling and professional voice.

DDS now have an excellent mobile-friendly website that showcases their products and services.


Branding, Marketing


1st January 2018