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Prior to working with WAM, Cheryl Chapman and Marion Bevington set up the ‘Find Your Why Foundation’ and began promoting it through Cheryl’s personal website. Within the first 6 months, they’d had three different logos and the brand had no clear definition or guidelines. As a result, the communication was diluted and their presence in the marketplace was quite confusing.

Realising change was required, Cheryl and Marion approached the WAM team asking for help to develop a strong brand with clear key messages to be used throughout all their communications.

Firstly we de-cluttered their existing brand and highlighted all the positive features. Then we clarified their key messages and created a new energetic logo that encapsulated the essence of the company. This provided Cheryl and Marion with the perfect foundation to develop the business with a clear position in the marketplace.

To date, we have created their brand, logo, marketing collateral, website, funnels, PPC advertising and we’ve even designed the ‘Find Your Why’ t-shirts and book cover… which we think looks frickin’ awesome!


Branding, Marketing


1st January 2018