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We were contacted by Mark Booker (owner of Independent Living Lancashire) after he read an article that was published in the Yorkshire Post newspaper about Judith’s book, Proven Strategies for Success. Having feeling inspired by the article, Mark subsequently read the book and then approached us to help him with his new business venture.

At the time, Mark was running a successful care franchise business and decided it was time to launch his own private care company called ‘Independent Living Lancashire’. Building on a strong track record of providing care for people in their own homes, Mark and his team would provide a range of services to allow their clients to live independently and achieve a good quality of life.

Once the creative brief and the client’s objectives were agreed, the design and marketing process began. It was quickly established that the main focus for the style was to create a brand that positioned the new company firmly as the leading provider of bespoke private care whilst reinforcing the independence and freedom for their clients.

Whenever creating a new brand, we try and pinpoint the key factors that will provoke an emotion, action or reaction. Content, colours and symbols are always a great place to start. Our chosen colours were selected to suggest: maturity, long life, experience for the typography, with an accent colour for the unique selling points, providing a flourish of imagination, dreams and elegance.

The introduction of the dandelion clock was inspired by memories of summer days in meadows watching the seeds drift on the breeze – some may say that suggests losing something and could be misinterpreted, however, if you dig deeper, the dandelion actually has numerous strong spiritual meanings and is often associated with growth, warmth, clarity, healing and radiance. If you wish to explore the meanings further, this article is an interesting read.

The final design and marketing strategy was received with rapture and the new branding was rolled out across all online and offline marketing touch points. Direct marketing and branded social media profiles with relevant regular updates and targeted advertising have proved very positive by increasingly driving traffic to the new website and essentially, making the phone ring!

A really charming brand which is already promising to surpass all the client’s objectives and goals.

“Sometimes things just seem to be fate! I met you and used your services at a time when I was considering leaving the Right at Home Franchise and social media was becoming ever more important. On leaving the franchise this time last year I was faced with having to completely rebrand my business, this had to be done quickly yet at the same time I had to put something in place which would also push the business forward and stand the test of time. I am convinced that the work Wright Angle Marketing carried out on my corporate colours, logo, strapline, text and designs caused the business to grow when I had fears it may stagnate.”

Mark Booker

Owner of Independent Living Lancashire


Branding, Marketing


24th October 2018