Look At This Home

Look At This Home

In 4 months we directed 14,588 people to the Look At This Home website through social media and secured position 1 on Google for the keyword ‘estate agents in Sowerby Bridge’

What happens to a company without a well-defined, well-understood and well-marketed brand? Such a company has no message and lacks any way to truly distinguishing itself from the competition. In a saturated marketplace, how do you stand out from the crowd, and what are the ‘keys’ to a successful brand? (excuse the pun!)

Some companies never define their brand, and as a result, they suffer. Almost all of the companies that fail within 5 years suffered from this very, very common problem.

Firstly you need to make the brand relevant and meaningful. Understanding your customers’ needs and aligning the brand message is essential to creating the foundations. A clear message and simplicity go hand in hand, so keeping it simple will help create a lasting impression.

Having the right image is essential, so take the time to select your relevant colours, fonts, images and an avatar to create the right business persona – you need your customers to connect.

One of our latest branding projects proves all these points perfectly and makes for an excellent case study. It didn’t take long for us to pin down the core message, creative brief and marketing strategy since several members of the WAM team actually have an invested interest in the company.

Sam Hayes, one of the directors at ‘Look At This Home’ explains more: “My husband (Matt) has been working in the estate agent industry for over a decade and we had discussed many times about him setting up his own business, however the right time never presented itself. Then last year I started working with Judith and the WAM team. One thing led to another and when the opportunity knocked, we decided to grab it with both hands – the decision was made, we were doing this!”

“With only 4 weeks from concept to the shop opening, there was literally not a moment to spare. The first thing was the name, we wanted a brand that was cool, modern and wanted to avoid going down the ‘traditional’ route. We decided that we wanted our branding to include an arrow which would be used on the ‘For Sale’ boards, pointing towards the house and as a result of that, the brand name “Look At This Home” was born!”

“Our new shop was located, refurbished and suitably branded with vibrant signs and graphics with an inspirational wall quote on the ‘home’ theme. Opening day was looming and we distributed 5000 leaflets around Calderdale announcing our open day and inviting people to pop along for some fizz and to meet us.”

“From concept to launch and beyond, the brand has quickly gained momentum and with ‘for sale’ boards (…and ‘Woo Hoo Sold’ signs) popping up around the region, the company is well on the way to becoming a successful estate agency. We knew what we wanted and with WAMs help, the dream is a reality.”



Branding, Marketing


4th June 2018


branding, marketing