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We are great believers in keeping in touch, whether it be with existing or previous clients. Maintaining a good relationship with them is paramount to the way we work. This paid dividends recently when we received a call ‘out of the blue’.

It transpires that the caller had previously worked for a client of ours, Keighley Laboratories Ltd, and he recalled using a fantastic looking presentation folder and inserts to promote the company – the folder in question had been designed over a decade ago by Tim, our Head of Creative and was still in circulation and looking as fresh today as the day it was designed, with many reprints over the years.

Now with a new company, the caller wanted to create a similar presentation folder, but this time it needed to encompass the three separate companies that he represented.

Individually branded inserts were also required, so the folder could be tailored to specific industry sectors or clients. Whilst there’s a common thread between each company (aerospace), their individual focus was on very different products and services.

The Result

The successful blend of colours from each brand logo, coupled with blue-tinted hue aerospace imagery, produces a stylish design that communicates the content professionally and with ease, whilst reinforcing all three brands in a logical manner – perfect when communicating to engineers!

“Thank you for producing an excellent job. Stunning result, delivered on time and on budget. It’s spot on and exactly what we need to promote all three companies and take us to the next level. First class!”

Steven Chambers
Sales Engineer
Morgan Ward




20th November 2018