Patient Protection

Patient Protection

Having worked extensively creating and developing the PURE Legal brand over recent years, we were delighted to be asked to develop a new brand to compete in their legal portfolio. This brand was to generate leads for the highly specialised and competitive medical and clinical negligence claims sector.

As with all of brands within the PURE Business Group, the ethos was to remove the commercial greed from the marketplace and offer a genuine alternative for potential clients. We initially created three distinctive and unique brands to choose from, each with their own core ethos, logo and styling.

The chosen brand was called ‘Patient Protection’ and launched nationally in November 2016. Compassion is at the core of the brand, which seeks to help and support those who have suffered from medical and clinical errors and neglect.

“We understand the trauma and difficulty of living through the aftermath of a medical mistake and know how upsetting it can be. We are here to listen and we are here to help. We are on your side and we have the expertise to help you get the medical negligence compensation you deserve and need to rebuild your life.”

Wright Angle Marketing were asked to research the market place and then develop a logo and brand identity with a different approach in the medical negligence market. We worked on the brand values and the customer journey which then led to creating the content, and the design and development of the website.


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20th November 2018