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RachAls Kitchen is a Meltham based catering company run by Rachel and Alasdair who provide all types of delicious catering including private catering, corporate buffets, fine dining at home, pop-ups, food festivals and relief cheffing.

We met with both Rachel and Alasdair who made it perfectly clear about what they wanted us to do for them. Our brief was simple, “build on Rachel’s existing great reputation and add an extra touch of finesse…” the perfect combination!

The brand name came from the expansion of Rachel’s original company ‘Rachels Catering’ with the introduction of Alasdair Nunn (Al), coming together and creating the brand name that they have today, RachAls Kitchen.

After they were happy with the name, they wanted to show it off in as many places as possible. It appeared as their logo, on stationery, as van livery and as their social media styling. It may be biased, we know, but we thought it looked fantastic and so did they!

We wanted to ensure that their brand identity was kept the same as it was before they came together, so we made the right adjustments required so their brand was refreshed and had an impact on their business as a duo.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with both Rachel and Alasdair and it’s fantastic to see their business constantly growing and flourishing still to this day.

RachAls Favourite Quote:

“Everything in moderation but always to excess”

Love it!




1st February 2018