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What makes a football club successful?

Is it winning games, trophies or the teams position in the league or is it having a loyal fan base with a family atmosphere and everyone from grassroots to the board pulling in the same direction to achieve a shared goal and vision?

If you ask 100 people that question, you’ll probably get 100 different opinions. In reality, there’s no perfect recipe for success in football. However, you can create a culture of excellence that breeds positivity, passion and an energy to be proud of.

In September 2017, Wright Angle Marketing was invited to attend Southport Football Club to provide an unbiased marketing review of the club and to create a series of concepts to encapsulate the new vision for the club entitled “The Southport FC DNA – Creating a culture of excellence.”

With this in mind, The WAM Team set to work and during the 12 months that followed we provided branding and marketing collateral and digital marketing guidance to assist with the pursuit of the clubs dream; “To unite fans, players and staff as we redefine and revolutionise what teamwork is all about.” #OnePort




20th November 2018