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The Emotion Richard Branson Implemented That Will Work For You

Everyone who’s an entrepreneur or business owner should know or will have heard of Richard Branson. Even the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners have a particular emotion that spurs them on to bigger and better things, and Richard Branson is no different.

You often spot opportunity through frustration and these frustrations can lead to new, innovative ideas that can kickstart your business.

This is exactly what happened with Richard Branson. He was in Puerto Rico trying to get to the Virgin Islands when the pilot announced that he had to wait until the next day simply because the flight didn’t have enough passengers so it was cancelled.

Now when you think about Virgin Records you don’t automatically think that a branch of this business would be Virgin Atlantic and at the time, Virgin Records wasn’t exactly a well-known business, it was still establishing itself within the market. But when Richard Branson sets his sights on something that he wants, he was going to get it.

From one simple dissatisfaction, he thought something which he said is one of his favourite phrases “Screw it, lets’ do it!”

Of course, this “Screw it, let’s do it” attitude has gotten him into a huge number of sticky situations both in his business and personal life. For example, he attempted to cross the Pacific in a hot air balloon and wound up in Antarctica rather than the planned final destination of Los Angeles. In business, there’s always sticky situations popping up, he’s a business owner after all, what would be even stranger if it was just plain-sailing all the way.

A lot of people would have left it at a record company and an airline, especially if they were trying to build one of the world’s largest independent record labels. Richard was going against the grain and a lot of experts would have told him to stick to what he knew considering he had his hands already full. However, Branson pondered the nightmare that was air travel and how airlines didn’t really care about their passengers and the inconvenience they cause.

Branson was adamant that he could do better and put his “screw it, let’s do it” attitude to the test when he rang a Boeing Executive and asked him to sell him a second-hand aeroplane and, well, the rest in history.

He used his frustrations and concentrated on how he could make things better, and he did. Any business owner can use this to their advantage. Not only that, but he had very little fear. His mentality when it came to trying different things wasn’t one of “Oh, what’s going to happen if it goes wrong?” It was more of an excited to see where it goes. He was never bothered about failure.

As a business owner, you need to fight fear head-on, which can be difficult. We’re all worried about how things will turn out, but sometimes that gut-feeling at taking a punt is one of the best things you’ll do, and that’s exactly what Richard Branson did. He was unhappy with the culture of airlines and decided to create his own, unique experience.

Now we’re not saying go out and buy an aeroplane, but think about the things that frustrate you within your product/service market and think about how you can make a better experience for your audience.

Frustrations within an industry can be used to inspire. Don’t sit around wondering what things would be like if you made a change, take action!

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