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What Is ‘The Best’ When It Comes To Search Engines And Users

The best is completely dependent on what the customer desires. What does ‘the best’ even mean? Is it ranking as number one on Google? Is it receiving the most traffic? Customers who are shopping online want to know who the best of the best actually is but it’s difficult when there’s a variety of different meanings as to what ‘the best’ is.

You need to try and interpret what the best means to both Google and the users to ultimately grow your organic visibility and trust, which in turn would grow your customer base in the process.

There are More Searches For ‘Best’ Than Ever Before

Google over the years has become one of the most used search engines thanks to ensuring that its search engine results are some of the most relevant possible than the other search engines available.

As users change (and they will frequently!) so does Google’s algorithm as they adapt accordingly. One of the most common trends which Google has adapted towards is the ‘best’ search as it has become more common.

Over the years, for example, instead of searching for “affordable website development” consumers are now searching “best affordable website development” or even “best website development.”

Users who are using this search might get completely different results than expected, simply because Google is unable to measure what the ‘best’ is.

But even despite its broadness, this search is becoming increasingly common, which is providing businesses with an enticing opportunity to gain a foothold in this segment of the market.

This is particularly true in mobile users as over the past two years, the word ‘best’ usage has increased in searches by 80%!

What Do Users Mean By Best?

Now this is where we break down what the user could mean. You’ll understand why Google can struggle to comprehend what the ‘best’ is because it differs from user to user. For example, if a user searched “best bars near me” they might be looking for:

  • The bar with the best reviews and ratings
  • The bar with the best drinks
  • The bar with the best atmosphere
  • The bar with the best price

The list could go on.

How To Leverage ‘Best’ Searches

Even if you don’t know what customers mean when they search for the best, you still want to rank well for these searches. You want to use these searches as an opportunity to grow your sales.

There’s no right way to do this but you will want to cover some of the generic basis.


  1. Make sure you have a number of positive reviews

A lot of the time, the best is usually interpreted into ‘best reviewed’ and you need to ensure that your company’s reputation is positive and the only way of doing this is by providing the best product or service you can.


  1. Update website content

Try to ensure that you’re really getting the most out of these best searches. One way your business might be providing the best is through your products or services.

  • You want to ensure that you’re providing the greatest value when they’re using ‘best’ searches.
  • The overall satisfaction of customers using your product/service will reinforce that you’re providing the best there is and put the customers’ mind at ease because they’re investing their money wisely.
  • Promote the unique qualities that your product or service has. Anything that really makes your business stand out from the rest.


  1. Pick the right keywords

Identify the ‘best’ related keywords. As we’ve mentioned, it’s incredibly broad, but this is when you use your audience to your advantage and conduct some market research to understand what your customers mean by ‘best’.

  • Focus groups are a great way to provide detail across a great spectrum of your customers.
  • Emails can provide a basic framework on what your customers search for.
  • Researching onsite user behaviour can also provide clues and help identify which products/pages are the most popular. Google analytics is fantastic for this!

Because of the increase in ‘best’ searches, it can be a great way to really attract a customer base towards your business. But it does require research. Once you do the research you can then understand what your target audience interpretation of the best is and therefore you can construct your content towards them. Coming from us, it’s worth looking into!

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