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Why Every One Of Your Products Should Pass These Five Questions

You want your products or services to be the best they can possibly be so your customers are receiving exactly what they paid for and more.

We’re all customers to a business and there’s nothing worse than receiving a product or service that doesn’t live up to the expectation. Whilst you’re unhappy, there’s almost a sense of knowing things were too good to be true because you’d already subconsciously planned how this product or service would help you in your life. Don’t worry, we get it! You don’t want to be one of these companies, you want to be on the flipside of the coin. You want to be one of those who would do anything for your customers and actually provide them with care and respect.

Mark Zuckerberg related products into the context of doughnuts. If you see someone enjoying your doughnut, the automatic reaction as a business is to bring them more doughnuts, when realistically, as a customer, we know that consuming so many of them isn’t good for us, but it goes beyond this. These ‘doughnuts’ are everywhere, these irresistible morsels that ultimately are awful for us. And what’s true for snacks is true for the technology we use, the cars we drive and the games we play. Sure, they might give us a momentary hit of pleasure but in the long run, they don’t make us happy and sure don’t make us healthy.

Now, what does this have to do with entrepreneurship or owning your own business? Well, everything. The responsibilities of a business owner are to consider the impact of the companies you’re building and the products you’re creating. You don’t want to be creating a brand that ends up creating negative effects on long-term customers. You want your product or service to fill the customer needs with no unethical or negative side effects.

Fortunately, there are five questions your product or service should pass before pushing forward with its implementation.

  1. Does it reduce the time people spend alone?
  2. Does it solve your customer’s problem?
  3. Is it good for you and your family/friends?
  4. Does it make people feel better after using it?
  5. Do people benefit from using it?

Now you don’t have to tick the boxes for all of these questions, but they’re a guideline to help you understand whether or not your product or service will be beneficial towards your customers. These questions are put in place to make us think about both the short and long-term consequences of what we’re building.

The ultimate goal is to create a business that can make a difference, not just for your customers, but for the environment.

Sure, it sounds cliché wanting your business to make the world a better place, but that doesn’t absolve us from thinking about how your company could make the difference to your customer both providing them with a solution and assisting with their health.

Is your product actually helping your customers in a healthy way? Whether it’s physical or mental health, you should strive for your product or service to create a much healthier and happier environment among your customers.

Not only will this encourage your customers to become attached to your business, but it also encourages others to become interested when previously they might not have been. It allows you to expand your horizons when other people become interested and begin targeting your products to a much wider audience, which in turn allows you to expand your business.

However, there’s a lot of different areas internally that you’ll need to cover before your product goes on the market to the public to ensure that you’re being as efficient as possible with regards to marketing, exposure and sales.

You must ensure that you have the right team behind you. It’s absolutely critical to ensure that everybody within our business is on board with what you represent and the product you’re selling. You need to look at the different areas that will need to be covered to ensure that the product launch is successful, whether it’s project managers, marketing managers, accountants etc.

You need to have a general understanding of each area within your business because if you don’t then it can go off the rails even before you’ve started.

When it comes to ideas within your business and externally with potential customers, you have to listen to other opinions because they can help you answer the five questions you should be asking. Don’t be in that mindset where your opinion is the be all and end all, you have to be open to discussion and listen to others, whether it’s internally or externally because they have a valuable opinion which should be accounted for.

Now we’re not saying you have to make all the changes they’re suggesting, but you should definitely take time out to listen to them and understand whether or not they can be beneficial to your business and customers.

If your product or service isn’t answering at least some of those all-important questions, then you may want to have a bit of a brainstorm as to why it isn’t. What changes can you make? It might be something so simple that it only requires a few changes and ultimately, makes your customers much happier with the end result.

Communication is key. If no one is discussing or providing feedback on your product then no vital changes are going to occur and no one will want to buy it. Keep those core five questions at the centre of your product so you can relate back and ensure that you’re covering as many questions as possible.

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