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Why Mark Zuckerberg Needed To Listen To His Mentor

No matter how successful an individual is, there’s always someone out there with wise advice that can make the difference and Mark Zuckerberg is no different. He was seemingly the wonder of the 21st Century, until he and Sheryl Sandberg almost destroyed Facebook’s reputation and their attempts to protect the company hugely backfired.

One of the main issues with Facebook is that Mark Zuckerberg has always stayed in total control of the company as his one-time mentor, Roger McNamee broke his silence in an interview in Time Magazine:

I liked Zuck. I liked his team. I was a fan of Facebook. I was one of the people he would call on when confronted with new or challenging issues. Mentoring is fun for me, and Zuck could not have been a better mentee.

Which sounds like it was all great, until he mentioned about the email, he sent Zuckerberg and Sandberg in 2016 which mentioned how “Now I am disappointed. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed.” But he thought Facebook had been a victim, not that “success had blinded Zuck and Sheryl to the consequences of their actions.”

The company was in a bubble and anyone at the top of the pecking order was assuming that it would be completely fine for them to push forward with any missions and when they eventually got caught, the company did what a lot of businesses who think they’re better than the rest do, deny the problem, promise to do better and then keep going the way it had.

No matter how successful you are, there’s always someone with more knowledge than you. You can’t and shouldn’t disregard your previous mentor’s advice because there’s a reason as to why they gave it! It wasn’t to limit your potential, but to ensure that you build a business that is run correctly.

Zuckerberg didn’t stay in touch with any of his previous mentors but if he did, he might know a lot more than he does. Sometimes we put our blinkers on when we’re successful to the point where some of the advice that is relevant, we ignore. Well, you can’t. You need to listen and listen carefully to your mentors otherwise issues can occur like this Facebook one that really impacted its values.

Mentor’s can make a huge difference in business because you’re talking to someone who is an expert in the industry you’re present in. They provide you with that information and knowledge you need to create a successful business such as creating a business plan, budgeting, handling daily operations etc. They can really turn you into that desired business you want to be.

Not only that, but the valuable information they give can also help you improve in areas you would not have otherwise of seen. It’s always hard to analyse things yourself; it’s like proof-reading your own work, you’re going to miss a lot more mistakes than if someone else was to do it.

Mentor’s will be able to identify things within your business that need changing or improving almost immediately and it’s best to listen to them. They’ve been around this type of industry for some time and they know what works and what doesn’t.

Though they’re going to be helping you, they can play another role as well as being a teacher and that’s as a connector. Mentors can provide access to those within your industry that are willing to invest in your company, offer their skills and expertise, introduce you to the talent that can help fuel your business and help you get much closer to your target audience.

Mentors usually have a huge network which nine times out of ten they’re more than willing to share with you.

It’s not as if mentors cost you a penny, so why wouldn’t you do it. some people think of it as pride, why do they need someone else’s help to succeed, they can do it all themselves. This attitude is the completely wrong way to think about it, if you could become successful in a shorter amount of time thanks to the help of a mentor, then why wouldn’t you want to grasp that opportunity?

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