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Why Slowing Down Can Make you More Successful

In this current climate, it’s very focused on you going fast and doing more. Social media is absolutely jam-packed with influencers, business owners etc. explaining how their success came from hustling and constantly being on the move.

Everyone nowadays seems as though they prefer to be talking about the hustle then actually getting the results. But sometimes you need to slow things down to really see the difference between success and failure. There’s nothing worse than speeding away trying to get the results and burning yourself out, remember slow and steady wins the race.

Below we have four different areas detailing why slowing down can be incredibly beneficial for your business.

  1. Improve your clarity

There’s no point in being part of the ‘hustle and grind’ if you’re going in the wrong direction. It’s incredible the number of people who put their blinkers on and work tirelessly going down a path only for them to not get the results they want.

By slowing down, you’re allowing yourself time for clarity. You’re not going to see where you’re heading if you’re running with your head down.

To combat this, every week you should schedule some time to have a check in and understand where you are and where you’re heading. You’ll be able to look at any upcoming opportunities and threats and adjust your course so you’re able to stay well on track. Look at what works and what doesn’t, then you’ll be able to focus your energy is a specific direction next week.

  1. Stay healthy

Whether you’re going like the speed of light or not, your health should be one of the main priorities to keep up-to-scratch. You can’t create the business and life you want if you can’t perform to the best of your ability.

You need to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy. Try meditating, exercise, cooking healthy meals, keeping a journal etc. they all help with improving your overall health. If you’re trying to speed through your business and get as much done as possible without slowing down, then your health will begin to deteriorate which will affect your efficiency, productivity and quality of work.

You want to stay at the peak of your performance, and slowing down to take time away from your working life to get the health kick you need can really make the difference.

  1. Use the power of emotion

A lot of people think that emotions in the workplace shouldn’t mix, but that’s where they’re wrong. Emotions are what guide you to understand what’s going on around you and what’s the best way to respond. The successful business owners are the ones who know how to use their emotions but in a controlled manner.

When you slow down, you’re able to feel your emotions much more and enables you to experience them properly, this then allows you to provide a much healthier response.

A great example of an emotion that can make a huge difference when used correctly is anger. Anger has the ability to be explosive or relatively passive. It tells you when something is wrong and when used correctly, how to change it. When you’re rushing around and have no time, anger can get the better of you and forces you to make rash and explosive actions. Whereas, slowing down helps you channel your emotions correctly so you’re able to get the most out of them.

  1. You make better decisions

There’s absolutely no point in rushing around 24/7 if a single decision can completely undo all the work you’ve done.

Your mind is an engine, you need to look after it correctly to get the most out of it, but if you’re constantly ticking over, it’s going to fail. Slowing down lets you take time for well-needed rest and lower your stress levels. When your mind isn’t going at 100 miles an hour, you’re able to absorb information and make good decisions, and success is built of good decisions.

It can be hard to change from the fast-pace you’re used to a much slower pace, but you will feel the benefits. Less is more in some cases. It might feel as though you’re doing a lot more work when you’re working at a faster pace, but by slowing down and taking time to assess what’s happening internally and externally that can affect your business will provide you with the information required to make positive changes.

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