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You Can’t Be A Perfect Business Owner

You need to accept almost straight away that you’re not perfect and you will always come up against something in your business that will make you really have to work to get past it. Being vulnerable is a part of everyone’s life and it’s worth remembering that you don’t and won’t know everything that will propel your business in the right direction.

Vulnerability is simply you plucking up the courage to be yourself and not having to pretend to be anyone you’re not. As a leader of a business, you’ll want to be as much of yourself as possible as it’s the most effective way to ensure that your leadership is effective and the work people produce is up to the high standards desired.

Vulnerability equals authenticity

Authenticity helps you emotionally connect with your team. You need to be truthful with yourself and your team, those who are unwilling to do so will restrict their business growth and employees will feel less emotional towards you and your business.

Be vulnerable with your team, we’re not saying tell them all of your weaknesses and spill your heart out to them, but you have to show a smidge of vulnerability because it shows to them that you’re genuine and happy to show areas where your weak and they’re strong.

Present your flaws

By showing your vulnerability, you have to illuminate your mistakes when you make them. By being vulnerable, you’re being honest and accountable, especially as a business owner, you need to know what are your strongest areas and which you could improve on.

You have to accept you’re not perfect, and making mistakes is a normal part of being a leader in a business. One useful area which does improve when being vulnerable is your self-awareness. You can identify the areas that need improvement and concentrate on them so you become a better business owner.

Create the right type of environment

Not only should you try to be more vulnerable, but you should encourage your team and others to do so as well. By presenting your flaws to others, you’re encouraging others to follow and eventually you can create an environment of forgiveness, which propels your business into growth as well as your employees.

When your employees know what their flaws are, each of them knows how they can help each other so it creates a much more cohesive and open team.

By bringing this sort of environment to your business, you’re able to connect emotionally with your team so they’re able to reach their peak potential. By being vulnerable, you’re taking a stand on who you are and ensuring that you’re not changing your persona to suit different personnel.

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